1 store guarantees:

1.1 Accounts working at the time of sale
1.2 One-handed sale
1.3 Responses to customer support requests within 24 hours after request
1.4 Exchange of invalid (non-valid) accounts in case of invalid (non-working) accounts due to fault of store
1.5 Refunds in case the replacement is not possible
1.6 Waiver of any warranties in the event that the buyer logged into the account. It is necessary to check the accounts before logging in (Guide on how to do it)
1.7 Denial of any warranty if the buyer contacted the support team later than 4 hours from the moment of purchase
1.8 Denial of any warranties and replacements, if the buyer was foul or insulted the administration
1.9 Response to customer support calls no later than 24 hours from the time of treatment

2 Account purchase requirements

2.1 Buyer should read the terms of service. 
2.2 The buyer confirms by paying for the goods that he is familiar with the terms of service, ignorance or unwillingness to do so is not a reason for the replacement / return;
2.3 The Buyer shall read the description of the goods;
2.4 The Buyer should purchase as many accounts as he can use at a given time;
2.5 Buyer should buy only the types of goods that meet his needs. Accounts that were purchased by mistake are not refundable and are not exchanged for other accounts;
2.6 Buyer shall change account passwords after the purchase. After the purchase, the Buyer is responsible for the credentials of his accounts.
2.7 If as a result of checking, unavailable accounts are found, it is necessary to immediately write to the support of the store Telegram: @MultiAccsAdmin and provide screenshots from the checker, the order number, as well as a complete list of faulty accounts.
2.8 It is FORBIDDEN to use accounts for spam
2.9 It is FORBIDDEN to resell accounts 
2.10 It is FORBIDDEN to use accounts for political purposes
2.11 It is FORBIDDEN to use accounts for fraudulent purposes
2.12 It is FORBIDDEN to use accounts for any purposes prohibited by law



3 Account requirements:

3.1 It is obligatory to use the checked up private proxies;
3.2 To work with accounts it is forbidden to use home dynamic ip-address (dynamic ip is not a proxy, because other clients of your provider could use it before you);
3.3 It is forbidden to use any VPN-services to work with accounts;
3.4 It is forbidden to use public proxies, shared proxies, ipv6 proxies to work/verify accounts;
3.5 It is forbidden to use for work private proxies as shared (If you go to 2 or more accounts from one private proxy, it automatically ceases to be private. See item. 3.4);
3.6 It is forbidden to work with more than one account without changing your device fingerprint (User-agent, viewport size, plug-in set, browser cache, cookies) or the device itself;
3.7 It is forbidden to work with accounts using virtual machines, simulators, emulators, vps and vds servers;
3.8 You may not use the Ip-address of your own physical machine (aka local or home address) to work with accounts.


4 Other rules
4.1 It is forbidden to spam the support with the same questions
4.2 It is allowed to remind yourself once a day
4.3 It is forbidden to rush the support staff, use obscene language.
(The first time you will receive a warning. The second time - refusal of support and removal of all guarantees)
4.4 Shop does not guarantee the validity of the token on the accounts, the replacement is not made if the account is valid (FB resets tokens over time)
4.5 Shop does not guarantee the availability of backup 2FA codes. The code with the help of which it is possible to generate codes of two-factor authentication in positions with 2FA is guaranteed
4.6 By making a purchase the customer gives his consent to the newsletter on behalf of the store
4.7 The store rules may change at any time without notifying the current customers. If you continue to use the site, you automatically agree to the changes