Anti-detect browsers:

Dolphin Anty - promo code MultiAccs

Free package for 10 profiles. Sophisticated browser with a focus on usability, notes, tags, presets of settings/bookmarks/extensions for categories/all profiles, support for automation via API, direct integration with Dolphin Automation of advertising campaign creation


Adspower Free package for 2 profiles, there is a Trial. Quality browser with lots of features, detailed delimitation of rights, notes, upload your extensions to all profiles. Supports automation through API. The main advantage of RPA Robot is the Automation Builder, you can automate any processes on any website.


Indigo Browser - Nice browser with lots of features. Can log in to purchased accounts automatically. Load its extensions into all profiles, global profile settings, support for automation through APIs. Integration with FbTool autoload


Autoload Ads:

A definite plus of Autoloads is viewing the statistics of all the profiles on one page of the browser, which helps analyze ads much better


Dolphin - There is a Trial. Placed on its own server. 


FbTool - There is a Trial. Cloud solution


Other Software

A-Parser - One of the best parsers on the market, more than 90 ready-made parsers, as well as the ability to create or order the parser anything for yourself

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